An empty notebook, just waiting to be filled with elegant prose, life-changing realizations or brilliant solutions to society’s many ills, should ideally be a source of inspiration in and of itself. And the Weskin journal from Bookblock definitely fits the bill!
But first, a bit of exposition: Having manufactured custom notebooks, leather and stationery for other brands for some time, the U.K.-based Bookblock wanted to launch its own curated stationery range. The Weskin is its flagship product. This A5 notebook marries classic stationery design to a modern finish. I received one in navy, and this is a one stylish writing workhorse! The utility of its lay-flat design is offset by its semi-flex structure that happily resides in the middle ground between hard and softcovers. Like great minds, it’s flexible yet with a fixed framework!

I also love the cloth binding, alluding to classic libraries, as well as its posh gilt edge.
Inside there’s geometric endpapers and double grosgrain ribbon. The perforated bellyband, printed on nice heavy stock, can also make a great bookmark. Choose from navy, gray or yellow here — each really has a different vibe and personality. The Weskin is reasonably priced at $20.20, with standard shipping to the states at $8. Spend over $50, and your shipping is free! 

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