Hello, I’m Lissa Lowe. As brand advisor and special correspondent for The Paper Chronicles, I’m tickled pink to meet you!

lissa lowe A bit of backstory:

Kindred spirits, Sarah and I met seven years ago in Ohio where my family lived for a brief stint. While our wee ones were shaking musical eggs together, we were sharing stories about the trials and tribulations of early parenthood, singing the praises of the printed word and waxing poetic about the merits of keen aesthetic.

You see, Sarah had just taken the helm as founding editor at Stationery Trends and my background was in the field of global advertising, marketing and branding. We soon found that we were quite likeminded and had complementary career paths. Poof! — just like that — Sarah and I became fast friends in the Midwest.

(Sarah even asked me to write an article on branding and blogging for the Summer 2009 issue of Stationery Trends. It was quite a thrill!)

Then in late 2009, I gave a teary goodbye to Sarah and moved back to the West Coast. Though geographically apart, our professional ties and friendship remained, bringing us to today. Here we are now engaging in daily discourse on the worlds of fabulous stationery and good design. What could be better?!

The rest of our story will go down in the history books — or rather — a well-crafted journal…!

On that note, isn’t this super fun, reversible Hare Brained Schemes / Big Ideas letterpress journal handmade over at Hello!Lucky quite befitting, given our new adventure! It’s small but mighty at 5×7 inches, and reversible, so no matter where you stand, you’re always up front. $12.

So, please drop me a line via email for now. I’d love to talk shop with prospective advertisers and TPC fans alike. I dig all kinds of letters.

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