I don’t come across too much letterhead stationery any more — so I was completely enchanted by the seaworthy samples that Christina of Bowsprite recently sent me.

These attention-grabbing “From the Deck of”  sheets measure 6¼”x8¼” and are printed on a lightly textured ivory stock. Landlubber or no, they are utterly irresistible. You can almost see the vessels sailing off into the horizon in Christina’s lovingly rendered illustrations.

deckoAdirondack deckoClearwater deckofJFK deckoFrance deckoImaginedeckoLettie deckoNormandiedeckoPegasusdeckoPioneerdeckoShearwaterdeckoSturgeonbay

These are not available in Christina’s Etsy shop yet — though there are many seaworthy finds there — so I’m going to add the seven lovely sheets I received to my giveaway pile for upcoming correspondents in my Letter-Writing Campaign.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to come back tomorrow, when I announce my first lucky April winner, who will receive 30 letterpressed cards courtesy of the kind folks at write_on.


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