Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I’ve always thought that the warm and fuzzy feelings that any holiday generates should endure past that day, and how better to hold onto it than with Best Day Ever? This new American house of stationery is the brainchild of Anne-Marie Faiola, who uses forward-thinking positivity to encourage women to lead lives of distinction that bring them joy.

To that end, Best Day Ever even has a manifesto, which reads, in part, “We want to live in a world where laughter flows easily, where paying it forward is an everyday occurrence and generosity comes easily; a world where grace stops negative thoughts and forgiveness comes effortlessly. We want to live in a world where everyone takes control of their individual lives to enhance the joie de vivre of the whole.”

Sounds positively utopian, right? The sleek range, which includes pastel listmakers, letterpressed notebooks, cards and mugs is designed to keep the good vibes flowing & going. With the exception of the metallic mug, everything is printed in Bellingham, Washington, and designed there as well. Best Day Ever is in about 19 stores around the country, and is hoping to grow its boutique business. Shop it all here!

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