I don’t know about you, but when work is really piling up and I feel myself getting stressed, that’s usually a sign that it’s time to take a few steps back from the computer and take a break. Usually I walk my dog to the park or, if it’s nice out, meditate in the backyard using the Headspace app.

I think these Thoreau Notecards from Princeton Architectural Press are the stationery equivalent of the process, with the benefit of bringing someone else needing a dose of serenity into the mix. Designed with an eye on Thoreau’s simplicity and Mother Nature’s breathtaking beauty, these are the first in a series of mindfulness notecards — Buddha and William Morris boxed sets follow this release. 

Thoreau_white_3 Full of wisdom from the famed environmentalist, political activist, walker and tax resister, and wrapped in gorgeous envelopes no less, these are a treat to behold and send as you channel your inner philosopher.
Thoreau_white_4 Thoreau_white_5 Thoreau_white_6 Thoreau_white_9

Pick up a box of 12 here on Amazon for $13.53 (a nice little discount from the list price of $14.95). Meanwhile, The Paper Chronicles will be on hiatus as I head to Haiti as part of Bridgewater Candle’s Rice Bowl Brand Experience Trip tomorrow (!) to see the impact of their Light a Candle, Feed a Child program firsthand.

I am so excited to meet the rest of the team and experience Haiti, and, of course, those children whose lives are bettered by this incredible program (I blogged about it a while back here). Looking forward to sharing my experiences here once I get back!


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