What a weekend I had in Atlanta! It was a little chillier than even I expected, but the product inside Americasmart was hot, hot, hot! I was thrilled to find the mood upbeat & optimistic, the elevators and escalators crowded, not to mention order-writing galore! Even the view out my hotel window was inspiring — you can see the roof of the Americasmart on the left edge toward the middle of the image below.
atlanta_2atlanta_1Anyone who has ever walked the show knows that visual overstimulation is an occupational hazard, so one of my last stops yesterday before scurrying off to the airport is freshest in my mind.

I missed Leigh at Curly Girl unfortunately, but was completely dazzled by her new Freshly Painted line. This line features Leigh’s distinctive painterly style in such a fresh, pattern-driven format, with gold foil to boot and sentiments just as compelling as ever. These were just unveiled, so look for them in your local Curly Girl outpost very soon!

curly_girl_2There were also several new card designs in Leigh’s more familiar collage-driven format that has been so popular & so imitated (without too much success of course). This one resonated with me SO much. I’ve got a hunch it will be a real winner!


Other highlights included plenty of wall art, plus chocolate and the most divine marshmallow pops you have ever tasted. I also think that that strapless map number in Curly Girl’s window is the most fabulous one I ever did see. I’ll be posting about more finds all week, so stay tuned, friends!


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