I have been going to Americasmart for many years now — I think my first visit was around 1999 — but since we started Stationery Trends I’d fallen into a groove mostly focused on paper and small gifts. That all changed this go-round, however, as my new position as Trends Editor at Gift Shop magazine has made it necessary for me to expand my scope to include more home décor.

That meant I got to spend more time trend-hunting in showrooms like that of Creative Co-Op, of which I’m completely smitten. The rambling showroom was mobbed, and going over my snapshots, it’s not hard to see why.

Here are a few highlights —many of which easily translate into stationery via texture, theme or even material. By and large, elements tend to feel either vintage or modern, but interestingly can be juxtaposed.

Anchors and navy, not to mention the entire nautical theme, continue to make a strong, sea-kissed statement — and wall hooks are trending up. Driftwood always makes for interesting texture.

creative_coop_1Chalkboards that you can write little messages on at retail or in the home were strong sellers at market. And expect to see a LOT of arrows and wabi sabi.

IMG_4755At the time of my tour, these little arrow cheese markers were the top-selling item.

IMG_4760Fleshed-out statements in gray tones allow the occasional touch of color to really pop. Polka dots endure on either neutral or colorful backdrops.


IMG_4767Expect to see a lot of pink and gold as well as coral and gold this year. I also spotted a lot of honeycomb designs throughout Atlanta.
creative_coop_5I don’t remember the 70s as being quite this cool. The painting and the pattern on the chair were actually created by a Creative Co-Op staffer.

creative_coop_6Sunburst mirrors were in abundance.

IMG_4780Shabby chic mercury glass and feathers were also everywhere.

creative_coop_7More feathers, this time on a really dynamic light fixture.

IMG_4749I love the rich texture of flocking — especially alluring with silhouettes and an ornate script. And look, another honeycomb, this time with a really neat mirrored and gold texture.

creative_coop_8Stationery definitely overlaps into gifts & home décor with lots and lots of type-driven wall art. Weathered or canvas textures provide a texture-driven touch, and vintage botanicals on black backgrounds really pop.

IMG_4792creative_coop_9IMG_4766creative_coopIMG_4763As a continuation of that idea, these retro marquee lights enhance any space and provide a compelling counterpoint to type-driven stationery and wall art.

Meanwhile, I am so looking forward to working with the team at Creative Co-Op. Believe it or not, this only scratches the surface of all I saw. You’ll definitely be seeing more of them in the pages of Stationery Trends & Gift Shop!

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