So I have admittedly been very lax about posting more finds from AmericasMart Atlanta, and they are far too fun not to share. First up we hit the left coast with cheeky tabletop from Devall & Allen, found in the magnificent Karen Alweil Studio showroom.use_meAlso in Karen Alweil was the adorable VCG Finery range. Handmade in Los Angeles, it’s is one of the most interesting and eye-catching ways to package jewelry with a card that I’ve come across. I love these pretty geometrics — and the more traditional cards below are brilliant!vcg_1 vcg_2

Just down the hall is Aesthetic Movement, one of my favorite swoon stops. As always, it didn’t disappoint. Check out these beautifully presented finds from Odeme. Their bobbing pins and hair bands are packaged on delicately foiled cards, and I just cannot get enough of the patterns and colors used on their “Quite the Pair” Bamboo Toothbrush Sets. odeme_1 odeme_4 odeme_2 odeme_3

The Todd Oldham-Charley Harper range at Fishs Eddy was beguiling and colorful, modern with a nod to the past — just what every kitchen needs!
use_me_1 And, who can forget it’s an election year (not to mention Super Tuesday)? Fishs Eddy has a huge array of political mugs and giftware, including this double-trouble “Who’s the Boss” Clinton gift boxed set plus one for Bernie Sanders.
use_me_2 No political mug range would be complete without Elizabeth Warren — maybe in 2020? — and of course Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the one and only #notoriousRGB! Check out her herstoric mug here!

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