Meet Cat Pants Studio, the brainchild of Olympia, Washington, designer and artist Sara Gettys. Launched late last summer, her aesthetic is cheeky and bright and features lots of critters, from slugs to otters to bison. The entire range is named after Sara’s beloved cat, Furdinand Gettys — who, like the company itself, is small but mighty!

Sara’s latest release is this card of a bison snuggled up in clean sheets — and really, is there anything better than clean sheets?BisonSheetsWebSara’s cards are created digitally in Photoshop over many many hours in the studio. For this card, she used a screenshot program to create a time-lapse of her process to share  what goes into creating a card — and even set it to banjo!

All of Sara’s cards are printed on 100% recycled stock right in Olympia. And she’s introduced fun posters as well! Shop it all here.


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