2016 is already shaping up to be the year of the quirky illustrator, and I can’t think of a better expression of the trend than these fun designs from Louise Wright Illustration. Louise hails from U.K., currently living in Staffordshire, where she enjoys nothing more than going on the moors with her dog. Most of her work starts with a sketch she began outside. Choose from a lively, sweet array of wall art and greeting cards, all paired with colorful envelopes no less. LWD 1LWD 4LWD VDAY4 LWD VDAY1LWD 2 LWD VDAY2 LWD VDAY3 LWD 3For all your retailers who may be reading this, Louise wholesales — and how better to differentiate your merchandise than with a British gem? Everyone else, you can shop it all here — shipping to the states will be an extra £2 (about $2.90).LWD 5All photographs courtesy of Holly Booth Photography

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