Simultaneously retro and modern, 2015 calendars from Hammerpress are a great way to infuse every day of the year with beauty. The thought and care that goes into this letterpress house’s meticulous printing not only makes it one of the most distinctive ‘pressers out there, but you’ll notice and appreciate new details throughout the 12 months.

Get in touch with your inner cowboy on with the Lone Horseman Calendar, featuring the 12 months from Jan. ’15 to  Dec. ’15 on tear-off calendar pages at the bottom. All the calendars in this post are letterpressed, with eyelets in the upper right and left hand corners for hanging. 11″x17″, $30.


The lovely Thistle design puts the pages front & center for a novel take on the format.


And you can enjoy an endless summer with the color-drenched Surfers design. Love the circle in the square! Each calendar is printed one by one, by hand, in Hammerpress’ letterpress print shop and design studio in Kansas City, Missouri.


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