I have been completely geeking out over the concept of this desk calendar from Dear Hancock ever since I saw it at this past National Stationery Show — The Imagined Desks of Historical Women.

The powerful roster includes Queen Elizabeth I, Amelia Earhart, Genevieve E. Jones, Marie Antoinette, Marie Curie, Dian Fossey, Georgia O’Keeffe, Sacagawea, Frida Kahlo, Mary Shelley, Jane Austen and my personal favorite (and usually unappreciated) Greek goddess, Athena. There is so much thought put into each, and a lot to get lost in every month.



At 6″x6,” the easel-flip calendar fits in any spot, and is very reasonable at $16. I’d like to think it will inspire any woman to be her most magnificent self while she runs her own little empire from her own desk.

Unfortunately, but not too surprisingly, it’s already sold out — but if you really want one, check out Dear Hancock’s brick and mortar stockists — there may be one waiting on a store shelf somewhere for you!

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