So, a few weeks back, the seminar line-up for National Stationery Show was announced — and I am really, really excited for mine. Called Boss Ladies: The Secrets Behind Successful Stationery Stars, I am really proud of my all-girl power panel of top stationery makers and retailers.

So, without further ado, please insert a mental drumroll as I formally introduce you to my esteemed panel. They are: Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.; Chandra Greer of GREER Chicago; Emily McDowell of Emily McDowell Studio; Chelsea Shukov of Sugar Paper; and Audrey Woollen of Urbanic Paper Boutique.

There is so much I want to ask each of them — and indeed, areas I plan to tackle include everything from finding one’s voice, distinguishing and nurturing store/brand identity, growing a business and overcoming obstacles.

That’s all well and good, but I want to hear from YOU! What do you think I should be asking these powerful women? I really want to give a voice to those working in the industry (whatever the role), who would love to gain insights in how to grow their businesses.

Please leave your question in the comments below, and be sure to note if it for everyone or a specific panelist. If I use it, I will be sure to credit it in the seminar!

Oh, and my NSS seminars tend to sell out, so go here  to register — and be sure not to schedule a meeting from 12-1 on Monday, May 22! It is $25 if you buy your seat beforehand, and $30 on-site.

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