Mother’s Day — or as I like to call it, the 24 all-too-brief hours during which I do no housework at all — is fast approaching, and these designs from Chicago letterpresser Amber Favorite of A. Favorite Design are as well thought out and personal as they are meticulously executed.

First off, don’t neglect grandma! This cozy 2-color design evokes the comfort only she can, with a yummy raspberry envelope to boot. “I will always think of my grandma when I see an afghan,” Amber said. “Just the thought of her warms my heart!”AFDmd-grsquare“Ever notice how beautifully packaging was designed in the last century? I’m talking about a time when illustrators were commissioned to cut wood blocks and typographers were hired to set type perfectly,” she observed. “This little card is a little homage to those classic package designs and Mom, who’s award-winning.”AFDmd-mumMom Sewing Pattern is a personal homage to Amber’s mom, but perhaps it reflects your mom’s herstory as well? “My mom always sewed when I was a kid. She made my clothes, gifts during the holidays, pillows, stuffed animals, you name it, she sewed it,” she recalled. “Not only is she a master sewer, she is an amazing woman. Seriously. Always there for her family & friends, compassionate, charitable, generous with her time & money, noble in every way. Certainly worth patterning my life after.” AFDmd-pattern3Next up is this 2-color Keep It Together design. “Who do I call when everything is falling apart? My mom, for my entire life she had always had a fix … a safety pin when I ripped my clothes in public, a bobby pin when my hair fell out of my ponytail, tape when I accidentally ripped a sheet of paper,” Amber described. “She had it all and still does.”AFDmd-togetherAnd what better metaphor for Mom than Old Faithful? (Well, maybe except for the old part.) “I’m enamored with our national parks. They are stunning in every possible way,” described Amber. ” Most parks have a natural element that defines them … just like Mom. This card is inspired by our amazing national parks and the WPA posters designed for them.”

Plan ahead as you were taught and shop them all here for $5 a pop, or visit one of these fine shops.

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