Today I’ve got three fun letters & a really, really amazing new sponsor to share. First up is a postcard from Joni Ulman Lewis of Visual Treats — I covered her clever Apology Cards for ‘On Civility’ a while back. Look at where she works!


On back it reads:


Hey Pal,

Showing off with a “studio portrait” — don’t you just LOVE snail mail? See you in May at NSS.


I do indeed, and what a great studio you have! Joni by the way will be at booth #2268 at National Stationery Show in Signature Mix Marketplace.

Next up we have this adorable wintry postcard from the talented Darlene Maciuba-Koppel of Koppel Studio; you can see her blog here & her Etsy shop here.



I created a series of artwork called the “Cinnamon Pink Girls.” And the postcard I sent you features one of my girls named Snow. I guess I’m partial to my girls.

Thank you for dreaming up this great project.

Best, Darlene

Snow is adorable, Darlene (though I hope the substance stays away for a while)! I love the idea of a series of girl portraits. Last up I was thrilled to get a gorgeous correspondence card from a really great person — and a great industry person to know, Kelly Bristol, who is sales director for signature mix marketplace.


It reads:

Dear Sarah,

I’m a big fan of your letter-writing campaign, and have been enjoying reading about all the cards and letters you have been receiving! What better opportunity for me to send you a note to let you know how much I love your wonderful new photo/headshot. You look great!

By the way, this notecard is from Julie Bell. See her at the NSS in booth 1410! xo, Kelly

Thank you so much, Kelly, for writing in, and on such gorgeous stationery no less. Glad you like my new headshot! I was not familiar with Julie, and I really look forward to seeing her work at the show (especially after reading this article about her). I adore engraving, and this card is an exquisite example of the art form.

Now, here’s the really fun part. Kelly, Joni and Vanessa will all be getting a set from Nicely Noted!


TPC readers will remember reading about Perry Nelson’s carefully curated subscription service a while back. Each month she sends her subcribers three cards and stamps that she painstakingly assembles from some of the most exciting and up-and-coming letterpressers out there.

As you can see above, this particular mailing include exquisite selections from three Californian presses: Wild Ink PressPaperwheel Press, and Iron Curtain Press. What a lovely treat. Thank you so much, Kelly, Darlene and Joni for writing in! And thank you Perry for your gracious donation!

On that note, if you love stationery and writing papers, please do write in. Nicely Noted is but one of several amazing sponsors that have come on board in the past few weeks. Lately it seems I’m being contacted on almost a daily basis by companies big and small wanting to share their goodies with TPC correspondents. To anyone who is interested in donating, please reach out — I want to hear from you!

And if you are interested in writing in, it is so easy. Just send me a letter, card or postcard on your favorite paper and tell me what makes it so. My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. I will share it here, and then send you even more stationery for your efforts.


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